Donations Appreciated

Donate "In Memory of" someone special!

memoriam candle"In Memoriam" donations In memoriam donations are made to honour the life of a loved one who has passed.

Donate "In Memory" of here

Send a Gift or Congratulations

gift cardDonations in place of holiday gifts or to congratulate someone are popular ways to donate.

Congratulate or Donate a "Gift" here

Corporate Donations

Donations from corporations and foundations. For Example: The Ontario Trillium Foundation. For large monetary donations we would prefer a cheque. Call or contact us by e-mail

Food Hamper Program

With your purchase of a Food Hamper you can help a needy person or family! Hampers start as low as $36.75 and contain an assortment of different food groups. Choose a Hamper.

Fund-raising Events

Participate in one of our many special events in support of Gleaners!

Air Miles

How can you help us turn Air Miles into food?

How can You, Your Organization, or Service Club help us turn AIR MILES into Food? It's easy!...Every time you make a purchase at participating stores, simply present the Gleaners Air Miles Card, and Gleaners will receive $20 in food vouchers for every 150 points accumulated.

In 1990, Gleaners Food Bank joined Air Miles. To date through the public using Gleaners Food Bank's Air Miles card we have received $8,500 worth of food from Air Miles points. All Air Mile points are redeemed to purchase food supplies from our local A&P store currently known as Metro.

This is an easy way to help fund raise for Gleaners Food Bank and you can also transfer your points to Gleaners Air Mile Card. Call the 1 888-247-6453 or You can also order Metro Gift Cards from your Air Mile Points and receive an Charitable Tax Receipt. We are very busy and sometimes do not have time to pick up food items for the food bank and so stop by and ask for your Gleaners Air Mile's Card.

canned goods Help us end the "Summer Drought" that food banks experience during the summer months. By using our Air Miles card, food vouchers are redeemed during summer months to purchase, and thus replenish "essential food items" that are in short supply, yet still high in demand.

Plant A Row - Grow A Row

Grow an extra row of vegetables in your garden, and donate them to your local food bank!

Recycling Programs

Gleaners convert donated used inkjet and laser cartridges into dollars for food.

ink for food think food logo

Gleaners also takes part in the Laser Cartridge Re-Cycling Program, please call is you wish us to pick up your laser cartridges. 

Phones for Food

Rogers and Fido are the national wireless sponsors of the Phones for Food phones for foodprogram. The program allows customers to recycle used wireless devices and accessories, while raising funds for Food Banks Canada.

Through Phones for Food, devices are sorted and either refurbished and resold or recycled, with proceeds donated to Canada’s local food banks. Since the program’s inception in 2003, over 500,000 phones have been diverted from landfills and over $750,000 has been raised for food banks.

It is easy to recycle your phone; simply drop it off at your local Rogers Wireless, Rogers Plus or Fido branded store or send it directly to the recycling facility using the prepaid recycling envelope included with most new Rogers and Fido phones. You can also download a postage-paid label.

Please recycle your phone through Phones for Food – not only will you help the environment by reducing e-waste, but you will be providing urgent needs to those less fortunate.

Locally you can drop your phones off at Gleaners Food Bank at 25 Wallbridge Crescent Belleville. Call Gleaners for details 613 962-9043 or email us at