Our Green Initiative

To help save energy, cut operation costs and help the next generation by providing a cleaner environment, Gleaner’s Food Bank’s green journey started with the Veridian Energy Retrofit program which is designed to remove older, inefficient lighting, HVAC components and other inefficient equipment and systems.
Gleaners Food Bank has an organic garden where we produce fresh produce for our clients. Through dedicated volunteers and support from industry we have created a beautiful and bountiful garden where once there sat a parking lot. The garden is outfitted with a rain harvesting system provided by TAB Mechanical and supervised by Michael Tiffe. TAB Mechanical also installed a solar panel to operate the pump for the rain harvesting system in the garden. The garden features raised beds and fruits, vegetables and herbs.
Through funding from Royal Bank Canada, the food bank converted all of its refrigerators and freezers to Energy Star appliances.
Veridian also helped us receive an Ice Bear energy air conditioning system which has been installed at our facility at 25 Wallbridge Crescent. This unit reduces the cost of air conditioning during peak times.
We received funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to replace our roof with a new insulated roof.
The peak of the Gleaners Food Bank’s green face lift was the installation of 72 15KwH PV solar panels that allows the food bank to produce energy for Veridian and offset a lot of the monthly energy costs. The funding for this program was provided by the John M. & Bernice Parrott Foundation.

To find out how you can assist please contact us and we can match you up with other green initiatives efforts.

Organic Garden




Solar Panels