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Welcome to Gleaners Food Bank's newest project - the Growing Dome!

We are excited to announce that we have installed a state-of-the-art growing dome on our property west of downtown Belleville. This dome will not only expand our ability to grow fresh produce for our clients, but also extend our growing season to year-round.

The inspiration for the growing dome came from our Director of Operations, Susanne Quinlan, who saw the need to provide fresh produce for our clients all year long. Gleaners has been growing fresh produce for several years, harvesting rainwater off the Gleaners Warehouse Roof to water the garden. However, reduced rain through the growing season has made growing produce in our existing 36 raised bed gardens increasingly difficult.

A grant from Food Banks Canada allowed us to purchase the dome from Arctic Acres. We also received grants from the Canadian Red Cross, City of Belleville, Elexicon and Geertsma Homes that covered the cost of the city permit, installation of the foundation and erecting the dome, hiring a gardener, purchasing garden tools and supplies, and building the raised beds. We are grateful for an in-kind donation from IntegraSpec ICF, who installed the siding at the base of the dome.

a collage of 6 images showing the construction of the growing dome from installing the foundation to building the walls and erecting the geodesic dome
The Gleaners Growing Dome under construction (May - June 2024)

Measuring 42 feet in diameter, the dome will be warm enough to grow food even during the coldest months. We started building in May 2024 and with the help of skilled volunteers, we hope to have it completed and ready for planting by the end of July or early August.

Once the dome is fully operational, we will be accepting volunteers to help our gardener and providing tours for school groups. We are committed to providing fresh, healthy produce for our clients and are grateful for the support of our community in making this project a reality. Thank you to all who have contributed to the success of the Growing Dome at Gleaners Food Bank.

Visit Green Initiatives for more information about our other sustainability practices.

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