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To register as a NEW USER or NEW CLIENT: 

Step 1: Go to  

Step 2: Fill out all fields listed. 


Step 3: Click Next to continue. 

Step 4: Create a new account by completing the next section that looks like this: 


Step 5: Household Details. 

  • Enter the number of people in the household where the 0 currently sits. 

This will populate boxes to complete for EVERY member in the home if you scroll down. 

  • You will have to select an ethnicity and a “self-identifies as” option. You can choose undisclosed if you choose not to answer this question or are not comfortable. This is for statistical data only. 
  • Income type and amount can be entered, but are NOT required. They do help us again for statistical data and determining what income sources may be falling short. 
  • Please select any dietary restrictions/allergies you may have so that we can serve your household best. 
  • Enter the names and birthdates of all individuals in the appropriate fields. If you need to add a new household member, you can click the ADD button. 

Step 6: Click Save and Next! You will then be given a client login and ID number. Keep this information, as you will need it to login each time for booking services. 

Congratulations, you are now registered!  You can continue on by clicking the Book Services button and you will be redirected. 

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I’m already a user, how do I book a new appointment? 

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Begin inputting your name, email address/phone number (that you used to create your account) and choose Ontario as the drop-down province. A pop-up will open if you’re already a user. 

Step 3: Pop-Up login. Enter your username and password then click on login.

Step 4: You will be redirected to a booking page that looks like this:   

Step 5: Click on Book Services to book a new appointment. You can also view any upcoming services; update any of your account information such as your phone number; or update profile information. 

When you get to the new page for Book Services, you can choose your dates and a list of appointment times will appear (like below)


Once you choose a timeslot, select it. The time will become green and a green book button will appear. Click it to book your appointment.  

You’re Finished!


During morning hours, clients must arrive by 11:30am for processing.

On Wednesday evenings we are open for working families and students only. Clients will be asked to provide student ID or proof of employment on Wednesday evening. Clients must arrive Wednesday evening by 8:00pm for processing.

Example of non-perishable foods provided by Gleaners Food Bank in Belleville, Ontario
A sample of the type and amount of non-perishable items in a medium-sized food hamper. Actual food selection and brands are based on availability and cannot be guaranteed. We add fresh produce, eggs, meat, and dairy items depending on availability, client requests and dietary requirements.
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Do I qualify?

This section should list the reasons why someone would qualify to receive food, to help the potential client understand whether they are eligible.

  • In order to qualify for our services, you must be a current resident of Belleville. If you live outside of our catchment area, we will refer you to a food bank that services your residential address.
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  • reason 3

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